2003 c5 handbrake MOT fail.

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2003 c5 handbrake MOT fail.

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Hello again. It's that dreaded MOT time of year and my 2003 HDI failed on parking break having no recorded effect on offside wheel. The handbrake is also very slack feeling. The mechanic suggested it could be a seized caliper. Could it just need the handbrake adjusting? Any advice would be very welcome, as usual. The car is getting on a bit now and I recently spent over £300 getting the rear break replaced. I want to try to tackle the parking break issue myself if at all possible. Thanks

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Re: 2003 c5 handbrake MOT fail.

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It won't be possible for us to diagnose the exact cause on a forum, as it could be one of the handbrake cables that need replacing (these are available individually). Or it could be the caliper - but if the cable isn't pulling the caliper that will be the problem.

The procedure for adjusting the handbrake is:

Preliminary Operation: Remove the central console.
Raise and support the vehicle on a 2 -post lift.

The handbrake cables are compressed as follows:
  • Engine running
  • Press the brake pedal 5 times to pressurise the braking system
  • Apply and release the handbrake 5 times
Conditions of adjustment:
  • Handbrake lever in the released position
  • Check that the handbrake cables are routed correctly
  • Check that the LH and RH caliper levers ( 2) are at the limit on the screws (1)
  • Permissible clearance between the caliper lever (2) and the handbrake cable hook: X = 0 to 1 mm
( 3) handbrake cable tension adjusting nut.
  • Apply and release the handbrake 5 times.
  • Place the handbrake lever in the released position.
  • Tighten the nut ( 3) until it is in contact with the part (4).
  • Apply and release the handbrake 5 times.
  • Place the handbrake lever in the released position.
  • That there is no clearance between the ends of the handbrake cables and the compensator
  • That the RH and LH caliper levers (2) are at the limit on the screws (1)
ESSENTIAL: In the event of non-conformity of these 2 checks, Repeat the adjusting procedure.

Return the vehicle to its wheels.
Refit the central console.
Part number 2 is the cable and the OEM part is: 4745R5 (£52.13 inc. VAT from Citroen) each.
or there is a cheaper one that Citroen do for older cars, part: E074064 (£19.40 inc, VAT from Citroen) each.

The cable guides are part number (5) and right and left specific. shout if you need the parts for those.

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Re: 2003 c5 handbrake MOT fail.

Unread post by Gibbo2286 »

That is likely to be the lever on the calliper sticking or seized, you can try to free it off by moving it to and fro with mole grips and at the same time soaking it in WD40 or similar until it moves freely back to the stop.

Alternatively it could be as Marc said the cable seized in its sheath, if it is you will need a new cable and almost certainly the tube it fits into.

If the handbrake worked before and nothing's been done to it trying to adjust it is a waste of time, the only time they need adjusting is when fitting as new.

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Re: 2003 c5 handbrake MOT fail.

Unread post by moizeau »

What was replaced on the rear brake, did the handbrake work before?