C5 SatNav lost map

This unit is the MyWay system, also referred to as RNEG, made by Harman Becker.
Main Features: Also referred to as RNEG, the MyWay colour satellite navigation system, has SD card, integrated European mapping, live trafic information, voice guidance and graphics in 2D or aerial perspective & it features a Bluetooth® system (Bluetooth phone compatibility only - no Bluetooth Audio Streaming).

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C5 SatNav lost map

Post by Johnno »

Hi, I've read some of the previous posts on this subject and I have a similar problem I'm hoping someone can shed some light on. Not long ago the SatNav stopped showing the progress of the vehicle i.e. it would show the whole route but the vehicle arrow never moved from the point of origin. I did a factory re-set which appeared to fix the problem, but the moment I navigated away from the screen (to reset the clock), the arrow 'froze' to the spot and wouldn't move. Now, reset or not, the screen stubbornly just shows the arrow against a green background with no detail, unless you zoom out to max and then there appears to be a bit of coastline, suggesting the arrow may actually be over Paris! The system appears to know where it is, will accept a new destination and provide directions. It is currently seeing 7 satellites and localisation is 'good'. Unit Ret is 4, Maps are Europe 2009/2010 v1.0 and the software is D_R20ter__R20.07.

Clearly needs a software update, but could this be a firmware issue or is it something more terminal?


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Re: C5 SatNav lost map

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Your firmware and maps are well out of date.

A firmware update (in increments) may help. If you want the updates send me a private message.