2006 Citroen Xara Picasso coolant leak...

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2006 Citroen Xara Picasso coolant leak...

Post by justajolt »

I'd just switched the engine off when I noticed a large puddle or browny red and steam from under the bonnet.

What are the most common places to check for to idetify the cause of a large random coolant leak?

Note: the puddle is the wrong consistency for any type of oil and the coolant reservoir is the only one that's empty, so I'm 100% satisfied it's coolant and not something else!

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Re: 2006 Citroen Xara Picasso coolant leak...

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You’ll have to trace it back, but obviously don’t get underneath while it’s still hot if you’ve had the engine running. Use a cloth and trace back the leak, it could be a hose it could be the coolant thermostat housing the sky is the limit so you need to do a visual check.