Headphones supplied with C4GP DVD system

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Headphones supplied with C4GP DVD system

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My 2007 '56' reg C4GP came with the DVD entertainment system, it works fine but the foam covers on the wireless headphones are shot. I wouldn't have thought for a moment that these covers are a Citroen replacement part (probably not even the complete headphone unit themselves, though it would seem a little over the top to have to replace these just for the sake of some foam). Questions: (1) does the earpiece itself (i.e. the bit that sits on the ear) come off (by pulling? twisting??) so that I could fit a new cover - the cover is folded neatly under the lip of the earpiece body to make a tight fit. I notice two small screws immediately above the earpiece, are these perhaps securing the earpiece to the headphone body? (2) can any other wireless headphones be used instead?
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Re: Headphones supplied with C4GP DVD system

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You are correct - they are sold as a complete headphone unit part 6574 C2 at a mere :shock: £96.36 :shock: inclusive.

So if I were you, I'd take a look at this link and choose a pair of spare covers for a couple of quid and replace them - most just pop over the foam pad:


There are no details on disassembly - so it will have to be trial and error. If they are wireless bluetooth ones - have you tried pairing a different set - I can't see that they would need to be a bespoke set for the system...