Help with diagnosing air con problem

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Help with diagnosing air con problem

Post by scoey1001 »

Hi everyone looking for some help with getting to the bottom of a faulty air con issue.

Car is a 2008 207 1.4 petrol vti (Prince ep3 engine)

Air con stopped working so went to quick fit thinking it needed a re gas, they took a reading and said the pressure was too high? But had a full purge and re gas anyway but no luck. I then changed the air con pressure sensor, this did not have any effect either.

The clutch is not engaging at all, so today disconnected the clutch switch and applied an power to it from another source, it did indeed engage and the plate was rotating.

I have two recurring fault codes of po597 and po598 both relating to the thermostat. Is the stat connected to the air con and would a faulty stat prevent the clutch from engaging?

Please if anyone could help me and advise what steps to take or any tests I can do to rule out other parts as this is driving me round the bend!

Thanks, Jon
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Re: Help with diagnosing air con problem

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

I would guess (GUESS, mind) that if the ECUs 'thought' the coolant temperature was too high they would not allow the A/C to engage, as this would increase the load on the engine, raising the temperature further.
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Re: Help with diagnosing air con problem

Post by xantia_v6 »

I think that the presence of a logged cooling fault has disabled the A/C.

See: viewtopic.php?t=56964 for details of a possible fix.