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Post by Oldpug »

I`ve replaced matrix`s on almost every Peugeot but surprisingly never done a 206.
This is a 1.1 TU 2003,what sort of job is it? anything to watch out for? Looks straight forward to me.
Thanks in advance you Peugeot buffs.

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Post by spider »

Neither have I actually on one of these.

Actually (although slightly off topic) I only recently learned its possible to do a later 405 *without* taking the dash out, hmm.

BOL does not make any difficult noises about a 206. My thought was one with AC would need that evac'ing but it appears not as the heater box can stay still. Dash needs to come out or part out at least, then the matrix is clipped in and slides out. It does mention the clips will break (intended) and a couple of self tappers are needed to secure it. There are even pre-drilled holes for them already there.

As usual it suggests as part of dash removal to pull the column out (something personally I don't like doing on any car if I can avoid it) , I'd be tempted to see if the dash will "slide" up and twist enough maybe.

Unsure if this is any help. :)