Something for the XM fans

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Something for the XM fans

Post by Timmo »

So, this afternoon whilst on ebay my head suggested to me i look for 'touring cars', probably due to Touring car legends being on itv4 t'other night, got me thinking about other models, and more specifically Loeb's Xsara as i got one free with Rally XS subscription Donkeys years ago!
So under 'Solido' up popped Loads of various Citroen's, h vans, 2cv's, etc. And then i saw these two! ... 2a375c6892" onclick=";return false; ... 35d19b5239" onclick=";return false;

nicely detailed too and both look the same, it did occur to me that much more searching of the pages could be quite Costly! hahahah!

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Re: Something for the XM fans

Post by PhilGreaves »

there was the much rarer blue 'actua city' version for sale in the past few months on ebay. Didn't bid as it got to silly money and I have the silver one.

The solido xm is a very good model though the seller is wrong. The model was available through the dealer network to anyone who wanted to buy one not just buyers of xms! I know as my dad bought me mine from a dealer nr Scottish border...I've still got it tucked away keeping company with a 1/18 xantia and a 'few' others. Haven't got the h van and not sure id touch either of those xms as they are both damaged. Unles you buy both very cheaply and make one good model- I think they're screwed together.

The 2cv model is alright but the solido 1/18 ds model is quite fun as there is a suspension lever to alter the ride height!! prefer the older solido to a lot of the modern stuff saying that I keep thinking about buying a cx prestige mk 2 model but I digress...