Amazing results from Shell V power diesel?

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Amazing results from Shell V power diesel?

Post by isisalar »

Hi guys
Very often use V power, the engine seems to run better. Put in £30 yesterday into a pretty empty tank. Two problems remaining on the car are no.1 injector ticking, but not as bad as the previous one, and the passenger air bag light, which came on last winter, when I attempted to jump start the wife's 106.
Yesterday, in an attempt to get the engine oil as hot as possible, prior to an oil change, I drove the car in second gear at 4000rpm for about 1/2 mile, probably the hardest it has been driven since I got it.
As well as getting things nice and hot, the injector has stopped ticking and the engine is now running like a dream! Might treat it to some injector cleaner now too.
Even better the air bag light has gone off too! I'll keep my fingers crossed on that.
The Italian tune up I can understand, but the air bag light? The alternator was changed in the summer as the previous one had been getting a light shower of LHM for some time and had failed, maybe relevant?
Hopefully get it fully serviced today.

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Re: Amazing results from Shell V power diesel?

Post by Xaccers »

Airbag light could be the contacts under your seat and they've shifted so now working, Cassy's has started doing that.
V-Power is diesel with some synthetic diesel (so extra clean) and injector cleaner all mixed together so I'm not surprised it's helped with the injector.
Cassy much prefers v-power when I give her some fossil fuels rather than her usual vegetarian diet. (that's vegetable oil, I don't liquidise vegetarians and pour them in her fuel tank, although there was a film about that)

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Re: Amazing results from Shell V power diesel?

Post by KP »

probably the 2nd gear run has done the work with the increased cylinder temps cleaning lots of crud off :)