Divorce and Valuations!

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Divorce and Valuations!

Post by ecohouse1 »

Currently going through the delights of legal process for a divorce and I need to provide valuations for my cars (most of which are both old and sorn'd)
eg sorned and needing work Renault Clio M plate (94) a rough 1981 and 1987 2CV plus a sorned & needing work 1992 Merc 190

It would be valuations as of July 2010.

Solicitor was not sure of the validity of We Buy Any Car which would be great if were accepted because the figures would be awful which suits me!!!

Anyone been in this situation and could suggest a good way to get backdated valuations, preferrably as low as poss!

Other option would be to get a quote for scrap value from a breaker?




Re: Divorce and Valuations!

Post by Northern_Mike »

In my divorce back in 2004 they took trade valuations for my car. At the time I had a 1984 Saab 900. It was worth 200 apparently. I expect they'd take trade valuations for yours which would mean essentially scrap value.

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Re: Divorce and Valuations!

Post by CitroJim »

Sorry to hear the reason for wanting the valuations Alan. It is a nasty old business and best of luck for the best outcome possible.

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Post by addo »

So long as the valuations are done on letterhead by an appropriately accredited valuer, are presented in a plausible manner and reference why the cars are at or below blue book value, shouldn't be a problem. As an added measure in a similarly critical situation, I used a known "heavyweight" valuer. Cost (about £450) reflected time charges and pro rata fees.

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Re: Divorce and Valuations!

Post by blackbeard »

A copy of an old copy of 'Glass's Guide' (the UK's main trade valuation book) would be legally acceptable as it is used by all major insurance assessors / companies as a starting point for valuations. Failing that, a copy of any reputable 'non-trade' price guide such as 'Parkers' would be the place to start. Some libraries keep copies of the later, most dealers will have an old copy of the former in a dusty corner somewhere. Failing that you may be able to grab an old issue of either on eBay.

Failing any of the above a Solicitor worth his/her salt would be able to get the other party to accept a 'reasonable estimate' - due to the nature of the items and their relative low value.