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Post by Bren »

The stop light and amber light on the temp gauge have started illuminating intermittently, despite the temperature indicated being about 75 degrees. The coolant level is fine. The ABS light also illuminates of its own accord, it can even do this when reversing or stationary - faulty instruments perhaps?

My car is an anti - sink model - does anybody know why it rises when I start first thing? Is this normal?

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Post by vince »

The rising when starting up is normal.

As for the warning lights.....have you checked the follwing?

Oil level = Amber light
LHM level = STOP light

ABS light = front ABS sensors...or a problem with the ABS ring on the driveshaft.

Check the ABS sensor wiring and look for damage, replacing if necessary.

Also check the ABS ring for excessive corrosion or missing teeth. May be worth a clean with a wire brush.....

Happy hunting :)

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Post by DickieG »

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Post by Clogzz »

There’s also the brown temperature sensor to clean or tighten if the light in the temperature gauge comes on for no reason.
Not too obvious in the picture, the brown sensor is to the right of the blue one.


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Post by Old-Guy »

Ref ABS.
Lexia (or other diagnostics) will diagnose a duff ABS sensor when the problem is a bad connection at the ABS ECU.
With the battery disconnected, un-plug the harness from ABS ECU and clean all the contacts in both the plug and the socket, not easy but you can replace sensors until you're broke without fixing this fault. When clean, spray the contact (not too liberally) with WD40.


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Post by red_dwarfers »

Regarding the ABS Sensor testing, take a look at the first section of this guide: ... hp?t=26012

It is possible to test without a Lexia. Though if none flag up faulty, it still could well be a sensor that has become faulty in a different respect as not to affect the ohms rating.