Groaning, uneven brakes - it might be...?

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Groaning, uneven brakes - it might be...?

Post by Johnno »

I had a problem with my Xantia brakes involving stickiness and uneveness, akin to a warped disc. I also began to experience an alarming groaning noise on gentle right-hand bends and an even more alarming vibration under hard braking - suggesting a disc might be cracked! The discs aren't very old so I checked (for the umpteenth time) and confirmed there was no warping, no apparent cracking and no corrosion. Decided to take a closer look at all components and noted that one pad was more worn than the others. Following this train of thought, I cleaned the pin at the base of the caliper and also cleaned out the corrosion behind the small clip that locates the pin. A bit of Copperease and Voila! It seems the corrosion products behind the clip create pressure on the pin, preventing the caliper from centralising in tune with movement of the hub/disc.

A cheap fix and something I'll include in the next service.

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Post by Kowalski »

I've had the same problem and sorted it out in the same way!

It has a tendency to come back and its probably a good idea to grease the top slide too.