retro fit cruise control xantia

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retro fit cruise control xantia

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I have seen in the picasso forums that they have retro fitted to there hdi`s can it be done on my 1999 xantia hdi just as simply as fitting the switch and telling the ECU that the switch is there?

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I don't think so. I fitted a cruise control kit to my BX about ten years ago, and when I got my Xantia 2.1 new 1998 I had a kit fitted by Easycruise of Kidderminster. Long distance driving becomes very relaxed.

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If you're lucky the wiring may be in place if cruise control was an option on the HDi but I can't say for sure, but you would need all the other gubbins.

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You may be lucky, I've heard that all VAG TDI's after a certain date have CC built into the ECU, and it's just a matter of fitting a switch and turning the function on.
The more things are computerised nowadays, the more they're becoming like the old IBM computer kit, you pay an engineer to install something, all he does is come out and flick a switch in the box, and charge you a fortune !

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When I had cruise fitted to my Berlingo all that was required was the switch and a ECU re-programme. However when I tried to get the Picasso done it wasn't possible as apparently models built after something like 2003 have a different ECU system and steering column wiring.
This is despite both of them having a 'fly by wire' throttle.
The other problem you will no doubt encounter is that the only Xantias fitted with cruise from the factory were petrol autos.
To get it done I believe you will be looking requiring the 'old type' cruise control of a second accelerator cable attached to a motor which pulls on the throttle to maintain a constant speed, according to a speed sensor etc.