Changing valve stem seals on Puretech 1.2 tips

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Changing valve stem seals on Puretech 1.2 tips

Post by Przybyla7 »

So 50 hours later, our 1.2 Puretech is back in one piece. A few tips I felt the need the share.

The job was changing the valve seals shortly after Citroen changed the belt for free on a recall.

(1) You have to remove a lot of bits, so get lots of plastic trays etc to lay everything out in order.
(2) There are a lot of 8mm screws to undo, so have a few different sockets handy.
(3) I used a compressor kit that you use without removing the head. Just make sure you have the cylinder you are working on at TDC and the valve will only drop a cm or so. There are so many screws that you shouldn't have trouble finding a place to fix the frame for the compressor.
(4) Important - either be very careful or get a spare 9816171280 which is the tiny valve collet. They are very tricky to find if they spring of into the garden. By the time you get to number 12, you might be tired and let the spring slip before you grab the collet.
(5) Check you are at TDC on the cylinder you are working on....each time...
(6) Take every precaution you can marking the timing belt. I put mine one notch off. The variable valve timing will let the engine run, but will alarm to tell you you have been a numpty.

Took me 3 hours, but only after 3 repeats as I made silly mistakes. First go took 6 hours.
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Re: Changing valve stem seals on Puretech 1.2 tips

Post by AlexSandu »

Thanks for sharing,what is the mileage of the car?
I have a 3008 1.2 57000 and drinks about 800ml oil \1k miles
My mechanic said theoretically it shouldn'tbe at this mileage the valve stem seals already gone.compression test was fine,all 3 cylinders had the same compression.