GP 2015 - touchscreen horizontal artifacts ?

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GP 2015 - touchscreen horizontal artifacts ?

Post by gibman »


I have a Citroen Grand Picasso 2015 which have started to exhibit artifacting issues on the touch screen.
I should mention that I have installed an android auto box (ebilaen brand on aliexpress) which has been running just fine for over a year now.

The touchscreen is running the latest software SMEG 5.43.A.R2 (2017).

Those very evident horiontal lines appear on every page on the touchsreen and some of them are flickering a bit. They are not entirely static in nature.
When in a fault state I switch to the android auto user interface then 99% of those artifacts are gone albeit around 1% still appear but I have to look a lot harder for them.

The weird thing is that the problems do not always occur on every drive I do. The failure rate is maybe about 30%.
But once it fails I can see this very early on. In fact I can already see the horizontal lines on the citroen bootup logon of the touchscreen, eg. when I start the car in the morning.

What I've tried so far:
Rebooting the AA box does not solve anything. Also did a refactory reset on it.
I also tried "rebooting" the SMEG screen by applying another color scheme. Did not help.
What seems to help though is to turn off the car.
Then let it sit for around 5 minutes in order to make sure that power has turned off on all the relevant electronics, touchscreen AA box etc.
Then I just turn the ignition back on. This will either fix it or maybe I have to do these steps a few more times. A bit random.

So what's at play here ?

Obviously I could temp. remove the AA box and completely undo it all then make my conclusion after a few weeks of driving.

I guess it's either the AA ebilaen box that's gone bad or some of it's associated cabling.
Maybe the LCD touch screen itself ?
Or even the headunit.

I have a diagbox diag tool but I didn't see any issues associated with this.
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Re: GP 2015 - touchscreen horizontal artifacts ?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Interference like this can be related to the signals being sent by the after-market equipment or internal to the SMEG system or Touchscreen.

First, you really need to eliminate any aftermarket devices that may be causing this, so I would disconnect your AA box so it is unpowered and then see if this resolves the line issues.

If not, then check that the connections between the Head Unit and the screen are secure.

If you still have them try a BSI Reset / Battery Disconnect / Reconnect Procedure.

If this does not resolve them, then it needs further testing to determine if it is the screen or the Head Unit. On some models Citroen can test by creating an image and getting the system to copy it back to a USB. Basically, if the image has lines on the screen, but not on the copied image when viewed independently, then it's the Screen. If the copied image also has lines, then it's the Head Unit as it will be to do with the graphics chip.
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