A Limp Mode Question Piloted Gearbox

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A Limp Mode Question Piloted Gearbox

Post by Doo »

Someone "must" know the answer....

Wife & I both own Piloted Box Citroens. Mine a 12 Berlingo 1.6 hdi 8v, hers an 07 C4 1.6 hdi 16v.

Both cars can (and do) suffer from ABS sensor failure which leaves the boxes in an impossible 3 gears limp home state which is absolutely hopeless! I mean, I get the engine may need saved by limping, but in 3rd gear, on a high speed dual carriageway or motorway, we're limited to around 55mph at almost 4500rpm. That will most certainly NOT save the engine :roll:

My question is, can the gearbox be programmed to at least reach 4th gear to get it home at a more reasonable speed of 60mph at around 3000rpm.

I have had to get both cars home on the dual carriageway with 3 gears and at rush hour it is unfeasible at best. Pointless in any form.

Who's got the answer #-o
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Re: A Limp Mode Question Piloted Gearbox

Post by RichardW »

It must be possible, but it would need a change at code level, so you'd need a tuner, and no doubt quite a few ££.
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Re: A Limp Mode Question Piloted Gearbox

Post by PaulC5 »

Doing 50ish on a dual carriageway is not that bad. Certainly less bother than having to visit a dealer to reprogram the cars and possibly letting your insurance company know it has been modified. The cost to do this could instead be used to replace your failed abs sensors. Our 308 has a space saver spare wheel with a speed limit of 50 mph and I had to use it when it had a puncture on the A46 dual carriageway. It was no real problem and had the benefit of increasing the fuel economy from about 50 to about 70 mpg over the 70 miles.
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Re: A Limp Mode Question Piloted Gearbox

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You won't be able to do that with Diagbox - it's not an option and the dealer will not do anything outside of standard operation (even if it was possible). It's a backup mode and the original fault has to be resolved to get it back to normal operation.
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