C5 miles to kms

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C5 miles to kms

Post by 8918R+C »

Hello there
New to this board and hoping there is someone out here who can help. I have a 2009 C5 VTR+ which is a great car especially on long drives from North Yorkshire to south-west France. It would be even better then if it could show kilometres instead of miles on the digital display once we got into France, something I believe can be done in the Exclusive spec. Does anyone know if there is a way to enable my car to do this?
Many thanks, Charles
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Re: C5 miles to kms

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You obviously can't change the instrument cluster dials, but you can change the units on the associated panels for mileage / distance / economy etc.

You must ensure the car is at a standstill, then press down on the left had steering wheel scroll switch.
This activates the LCD menu and from there you can select the relevant option. It's all in your vehicle manual, but here is the relevant page:

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Re: C5 miles to kms

Post by Paul-R »

I did this early on but very quickly became fed-up with having to accept the stupid l/100 km or km/l fuel consumption units (neither of which I have any feeling for) in order to display the road speed in km/h. Nowadays I leave everything imperial and use the following equivalents:

20mph ≈ 30km/h
32mph ≈ 50km/h
44mph ≈ 70km/h
50mph ≈ 80km/h
56mph ≈ 90km/h
68mph ≈ 110km/h
80mph ≈ 130km/h

Note how the odd increments of km/h go up in 12 mph jumps. This is close enough for everything except the 30 km/h zones where I slow down just a bit more and (try to) keep to 18mph. 50mph is near as dammit the same as 80km/h if you want an accurate reference point.
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