DiagBox - Actuator Test

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Re: DiagBox - Actuator Test

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Update - It would 'appear' for my DiagBox set-up & above 'problem' that DiagBox is not capable of doing the fan lo/hi test which would seem similar to this post - https://citroenc3owners.com/questions-a ... 0-s10.html (youtube @ 19 mins in).

Following on from 'you can't erase a fault code if the fault is still there' I would 'expect' (doesn't imply I know) the fault to be cleared & then re-occur & record that mileage at that moment of the re-occurrence as opposed to my case where DiagBox just went through the process of clearing all faults (without error) but the faults were all still there. To support this a user from another forum suggested using all FAPApp which in my case cleared ALL faults & they did not re-occur. Clearly a DiagBox problem with Delphi DCM 6.2 ecu.

In order to try verify all is working with my new fan relay - I drove the car to get water temp @ 90c then applied a hair dryer (with engine running) to ptc of relay to reach 65c but it did not activate fan.
So I am still stuck how to validate a working fan relay ?