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newbie here

Post by mattlmr »

Hi guys, I'm new here and have a Citroen c5 2.0 HDi 2008 im looking for some advice and have searched google which brought me here but after registering i cannot see the post it says im not authorized to read the topic?
Any help much appreciated
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Re: newbie here

Post by myglaren »

Some areas are restricted to members who have made a donation only. This is because we have to pay PSI for the information contained there.
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Re: newbie here

Post by mickthemaverick »

Hi Matt and :welc:

As Steve said you need to make a donation (you can use the link above top left) of £10 to get access to the parts and technical guides info. The donation covers you for 2 years of untold benefit from the forum's members section. So a fiver a year for the best info service I've ever come across. There is also plenty of other things on the FCF to interest, educate and even entertain you especially in the Off Topic Chat Lounge (OTCL) which you can find from the board index above. Have a look round and join in whatever interests you. :-D
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Re: newbie here

Post by Rp0thejester »

Welcome Matt, I've been reading this forum for years. Very knowledgeable people here, me not included. A tenner is cheap and once someone has asked the question we can all read it. I had starter motor issues, read all the info here to fix it hence a tenner is nothing compared to garage costs!! The most helpful forum you'll ever join.