C4 Picasso 13 - White hue over top screen

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C4 Picasso 13 - White hue over top screen

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Hello everybody, last year in March I bought a used C4 Picasso 2013 with a faulty top screen. It had black dead spots all over it. I knew it is a common problem on these displays and got a great deal over it.

Since Citroen wants a lot of money for a new assembly and it will fail again eventually I tried to find a company that repairs them. I got lucky and found someone who knows this problem. They replaced the LCD part of the display and on top of that replaced some memory modules and other parts that fail on this type of display.

Unfortunately, the display after 14 months shows a new fault which I did not find any information about. After a long trip, we stopped to get a coffee and upon starting again, the screen was brighter (had a white hue over it). It was brighter than the maximum setting. I tried to go to the settings and lower it but it seems unnatural and still has a white hue over it. It did the same thing for 3 days that the white hue popped up after the second start with a warm engine. Since then it has a white hue even with cold engine.
Did anyone encounter this problem?

I tried to do few things:
1) restart the car by disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes
2) dissassemble the screen and check if the connectors are secured
3) updating SMEG to the latest version

None of these helped.