Is this CV boot knackered?

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Is this CV boot knackered?

Post by Mexico14 »

It has grease on the outside - I'm thinking it shouldn't? Would this be covered under a citroen extended warranty?
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Re: Is this CV boot knackered?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

So this is an extract from the warranty booklet - although the drive shafts are not mentioned (nor the boots) you would have to call them to see if the the CV boots are covered. You should have a warranty contact number in your booklet that you can call to clarify whether they are or not.

• Batteries (Please note Electric Vehicle Batteries are covered under the manufacturer warranty up to 8 years old or 100,000 miles).
• Ancillary drive belts
• Brake and clutch frictional material
• Bulbs and fuses
• LED lamps are covered providing at least 50% of the lighting has failed
• Exhaust systems and diesel particulate filters (catalytic converters are covered against internal failure only and not accidental damage, corrosion or damage resulting from the use of incorrect fuel).
• Wheels and tyres
• Wheel alignment or any adjustments unless required as part of a component failure covered by the warranty.
• Wiper blades
• Water ingress including damage to covered components caused by water
• All serviceable items
• Recharging of the air conditioning unit (unless required as part of a valid repair)
• Electrical software update or reprogramming unless required due to the failure of a covered part.

Trim and bodywork including:
(a) Interior and exterior trim (including door hinges and check straps)
(b) Glass (heater elements are covered)
(c) Seat covers and cushions
(d) Weather strips and body seals
(e) Paintwork

• Excessive or unreasonable diagnostic time or any diagnostic time which doesn’t result in a valid claim (Reasonable diagnostic costs for valid claims will be covered).
• The gradual reduction in operating performance (wear and tear consistent with the age and mileage of the covered vehicle).
• All adjustments and alignments.
• Any loss, damage or failure which occurs while the vehicle is outside the geographical territories detailed in this handbook.
• Mechanical failure caused by faults which, in the opinion of a qualified engineer appointed by Citroën Warranty Administration, existed before the warranty commenced.
• Vehicles where the speedometer/odometer is altered, disconnected or interfered with in any way, unless it is faulty.
• Faulty speedometers/odometers may be repaired or replaced, but only with our prior authorisation.
• Service/maintenance operations.
• Component failure resulting from accident damage, misuse or neglect.
• Items which do not form part of the manufacturer’s original specification for the vehicle.
• Faults resulting from the use of fuel which is either contaminated or inappropriate for the vehicle.
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Re: Is this CV boot knackered?

Post by TZDunnit »

If its showing signs of loosing grease then yes it's knackered and an mot failure.
I expect it would be classed as wear and tear unless your warranty states otherwise.
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Re: Is this CV boot knackered?

Post by Stewart(oily) »

I see no visible splits and no sign of grease leaking (it flies out and covers everything in its path) That CV boot will pass an MOT and is serviceable.