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More Tyre Advice Brands

Post by ChrisPembs »

Morning :)

So I have a C4 Picasso 2010, it left the factory with Michelin Primacy tyres on, was going to have them put back on this week as factory tyres surely the way to go, was just about to book into National Tyres for Thursday but noticed some Goodyear ones that look very similar and have the same rating for noise, economy and wet grip, crucially though there is a 15% discount code on the Goodyear ones which for 500 quids worth of tyres is a nice amount to save, what do you think? Goodyear or Michelin?

Michelin link: ... cy-4-plus/

Goodyear link: ... ormance-2/

Thanks in advance.
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Re: More Tyre Advice Brands

Post by daviemck2006 »

Personally I wouldnt take any of these two, I would go for uniroyal rain expert. Out of the two you are looking at it would be the Goodyear for me
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Re: More Tyre Advice Brands

Post by GiveMeABreak »

... and Michelin from me. But to be fair I have used the Rainsport 2 and 3 previously.

I won't touch Bridgestone tyres even though they were factory fitted on our Aircross - as the they wore and crumbled in under 13k miles and handling is non existent. I just recently removed the lot and refitted with Michelin Cross Climate + tyres. These are summer tyres with 3 peaks winter certification, so will handle well in the ice, snow and summer.

Look around for deals - they can be had if buying multiple tyres and don't forget some of the smaller independents. I won't touch Kwik Fit as they are usually double the price of anyone else.

ATS are doing 4 x Michelin Primacy 4 tyres 215/55 R16 93V for £485.96 fully fitted at present.

National Tyres are doing Uniroyal RainSport 5 Tyres: 215/55 R16 93V for £383.96 inc fitting....
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Re: More Tyre Advice Brands

Post by myglaren »

Also look on the Camskil and Oponeo sites.
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Re: More Tyre Advice Brands

Post by jml »

I’ve only ever had Michelin tyres on my C8 for the 175,000 miles it’s covered and have generally been very happy with them.

From new it had Pilots but when these became no longer available I switched to Energy Savers, which were probably the best I’ve had. When these became unavailable I started on Primacy and was a little disappointed by the slightly increased (worse) fuel consumption. I wonder whether Michelin realised that the economy was not so good as some time later they introduced E-Primacy with claimed improved fuel consumption.

I’ve fitted a pair of these but I am sorry to say that they have been the worst Michelins that I have ever fitted. A noisy, harsh, even uncomfortable, ride led to me contacting Michelin but all I really got from them were platitudes - despite me pointing out that I had driven for over 1 1/2 million miles, almost entirely on Michelins.

Despite all of this I think I’ll continue with Michelin - just wish I could get the old Energy savers !

I’ve nearly always found the best price and service on either Black Circles or Asda Tyres (You don’t have to collect them in a supermarket trolley !)
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Re: More Tyre Advice Brands

Post by Rp0thejester »

I've only ever put pre worns on my car as I wasn't driving more than 1000 miles a year and 1 year 99 miles between MOTs. At 30 quid a tyre it's better financially for me compared to new. Rather hard tyre size to find as pre worn though.