C4GP Not Starting after sitting a while

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C4GP Not Starting after sitting a while

Post by JDaws »

Hi All,

I have a issue with my 2008 C4GP 2.0HDI Exclusive Auto. Left the car sitting without battery for almost one year and now I am looking to get it back on the road again.

Put a fresh battery into the car to try get it started.

After connecting the battery and selecting N position for selector and pressing brake. When ignition turned to start there is nothing happening at all.

*I have checked the starter fuse in fuse box in position F8 and it is fine
*I tried to perform a reset in case i was not recognising key?

- Windows fully down
-Key from ignition through windows
-Wait 3 minutes
-Disconnect battery and wait 15 secs
-Connect Battery and Wait 10 secs
-Turn on side lights through windows
-Put key in ignition and press lock button for 10 secs
-Take key out and then lock and unlock car from fob
-Open door, key in ignition and try to start
-As above nothing

Other things which may or not be normal.

-Battery light on dash seems to be one when key in ignition
- Economy mode activates
-I have notice and high pitched buzz from behind engine when key in ignition (maybe this is normal but have not noticed it before.

Are there any steps i should be trying from here to get the car started?

-I assume this is starter related but the starter looks impossible to access
-Is there any fuse or connectors i should be looking at

All help welcomed.
Thank you

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Re: C4GP Not Starting after sitting a while

Post by JDaws »

Have been doing some more investigations.

Constant 12 volts goings to the starter and the fuse for the circuit is functioning. I have the battery out and get full charge.

Will try later to re-install battery and test for 12volt signal at starter. Also will try taping it a few time when someone else tries to start.

I am worried it could be a code issue since car was left without battery so long?

I am not sure i am a resetting bsi correctly either as car goes into ecomony mode.

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Re: C4GP Not Starting after sitting a while

Post by JDaws »

Got the car started not from the key but from shorting and wire from positive on the battery to the starter. It was difficult to get it going from this but eventually fired into life.

Great the car was starting, and from then on it started from the key. I am not sure why it started from the key once i jumped in that time but at least that is one problem sorted.

Now i have another and hopefully not more seriously problem. But i shorted it the car was selecting A1, 1, R, N and it was staying put in these although the car was not firing. Since i got it started it is selecting A1, 1, R for a spilt second and then going back to neutral. I hope i did not fry something electrically.

Trying to error check a few things.
*Fuses OK
*Selector i think is OK because it changes from N to A1,1,R but then it reverts back to neutral
*Checked actuator fluid levels and this area seems fine (see below pic) no leaks or nothing

So basically i now have no clue why it is not selecting gear

When i have someone move gear selector when car not running I hear sometimes squealing type noise from where arrow is. Same when running and move in the liquid in the tank.
It seems like there is some movement there like it is getting the signal from the selector.

Completely out of ideas on this