C4 engine parts Peugeot compatibilty

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C4 engine parts Peugeot compatibilty

Post by White-Chair »

Bonjour...tout le monde.

So I now own a C4 VTS coupe 180 (06/07) she's my ninth Citroen.

and.......looks like I'll be needing a replacement throttle body.

To broaden my search options I was wondering which are the Peugeot models with the same engine, and more importantly, with exactly compatible engine components as my C4.

At the moment the issue I'm having qualifies as a "quirk", so I have a bit of time to source a good swap out part.

That said, the advice I've been given is that these throttle bodies are not really fixable.. Is that true?

I was originally hoping a good spray of WD40 and a clean up of the TPS might solve the quirk(s).
What generally goes wrong with them?
Do they eventually fail, or just get more "quirky"?

Input from those with greater knowledge than myself is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re: C4 engine parts Peugeot compatibilty

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I think you'll have the TPS built into the accelerator pedal on these. The potentiometer track(s) wear out. These whole units are normally just replaced when they go. There are 2 tracks and the data is compared between the 2 for backup - if one does not match the other then a fault code is usually thrown up.

Engines and components are shared across PSA vehicles, so it's not practical to list what was on one vehicle and another - it is too time consuming, as there are variants.

If you want part numbers specifically, then we ask for a £10 Forum donation for up to 2 years of parts info and parts diagrams, as we are charged for this live data now by PSA.

If this is something you are interested in, pop up your VIN and read below. We can then provide youi with a specific part number for your vehicle that you can use to source a second hand part yourself if not buying new.
A response to your question by a Forum Admin will require detailed vehicle information that requires you to have made a current contribution to the Forum.

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