Front side parking sensors

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Front side parking sensors

Post by habo »

My wife also drives the car and now my son has started slowly. In the garage there are many other things around and once we had a small accident. Of course because even for me it is difficult as you can not see the end of the car in front .The back has parking sensors and I also have the button that turns them off.
Because it is difficult to find used front sencors (I mean all the pack with the wires), can we use the ones that are for back?
do we have spare numbers for back and front?
is the electro unit different? and what is its part number? and where is it located?
do we need to activate it with diagbox?

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Re: Front side parking sensors

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The front parking sensors themselves are the same, but you may not have the wiring harness and harness connections. Plus the ECU is completely different for front and rear assistance. Your Head Unit needs to be compatible, there may be 6 front sensors as the front assistance includes parking space gap measurement. That has a button on the the steering wheel controls like a 'P'. If you don't have all 6 sensors fitted then it may not work as the ECU will expect inputs from all the sensors to be working or it may stop working if it detects an error. So you need to consider what is involved and one reason why a dealer won't retro-fit the system as it usually is prohibitively expensive to do. They may offer aftermarket parking assistance kits though.

You'll also need to programme and configure the various ECUs. So a few things to consider.

I can provide you with part numbers for the items I have mentioned, but not a guide.

It will be a lot simpler to get an aftermarket system fitted and a lot less expensive.