EGR flap valve on a 2002 1.9 diesel.

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EGR flap valve on a 2002 1.9 diesel.

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Hi, my does any one have any knowledge about
the EGR unit on my 2002 DW8 engin. Lost power with cloud of smoke.
Mechanic said it was EGR unit valve.
But also read that it can be fixed by disconnecting the vacuum pipe
Can't be that simple.
How does the EGR flap work ?
Any help appreciated.
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Re: EGR flap valve on a 2002 1.9 diesel.

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Are we talking about the actual EGR valve here or the EGR throttle butterfly flap? Although combined in the same assembly they are 2 separate things.
The EGR valve on a DW8 engine is normally trouble free & any issues can usually be sorted with a clean however the EGR throttle butterfly on the air intake can be troublesome. With the engine off it should rest in the fully open position & if you close it by hand then release it should spring straight back open again, If it is flopping about then the arm is likely detached I would take a dremmel to it if that has happened. If the butterfly closes & stays closed as soon as the engine is started it means the electrovalve is stuck open &giving it vacuum all the time.