C5 starting

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C5 starting

Post by Ade82 »

Hi, I'm new to the forum so please bear with me, I've gone to my Citroen C5 estate 2006 1.6 HDI this morning it started then immediately cut off now won't start, the ignition is turning over I have the correct lights on the dash waited for the coil lights as normal no warning coming up just won't start tried jump start from another car still won't kick in. Please can anyone advise?
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Re: C5 starting

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi and welcome.

Fuel starvation? How much fuel is in the tank? In either case you really need to get it diagnosed for a fault code. It will be guess work without it. If you have breakdown cover with home start, they should be able to plug in and get any fault codes - when you do pop them up here and we can help you with the problem.
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Re: C5 starting

Post by leithant »

Fuel pump, fuel pump relay, filter?
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Re: C5 starting

Post by citroenguy »

How's the fuel rail pressure?