Scudo dead

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Scudo dead

Post by Soulfly83 »

Looking at a scudo for someone.

He was driving, hear a noise from engine area and it cut out.

Can see cam shaft turn over when turn key/engine over

Put a good battery in it, engine sounds weak turning over, gets slower , picks up, slows, picks up etc. Its a really good battery, but it sounds like the battery it's about to die or poor starter motor

He has mixed two different anti freezes recently
Coolent is below minimum
Someone has changed gear box recently
It's a 2004 1.9d 124k

A friend has suggested possibly the water pump has seized and the belt may have jumped a tooth

Looking for members thoughts, any common issues with these to look out for.
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Re: Scudo dead

Post by white exec »

Not sure how helpful we can be with this Fiat...
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Re: Scudo dead

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It's because it is the same vehicle as a Citroen Jumpy / Dispatch or Peugeot Expert Chris - they are all essentially rebadged Fiats - and later with Toyota.

But the VIN will be from Fiat itself, so we won't be able to determine exact specifics which is not going to help you I'm afraid Soulfly83.