XUD9 MPG - Turbo vs N/A?

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XUD9 MPG - Turbo vs N/A?

Post by kenbw2 »

Does anyone have any experience on the MPG of the N/A XUD9 vs the Turbocharged ones?

I'm specifically thinking for in the Dispatch, but I'd welcome experiences from other vehicles.

Things I know will be relevant beyond the basic physics:

- How hard it's driven - stop-starting vs 55mph motorway vs 70mph motorway
- Gear ratios - I assume the N/A is geared a little more generously so you can pull away more easily
- Gear selection - You can move up the gears more quickly in the turbo than the N/A
- Labouring the engine - everything is a struggle in the N/A Dispatch
- Time at full throttle - the N/A is at full throttle for a longer time than the turbo

For what it's worth, my owner's handbook specifies:

1.9D: 31MPG Urban, 41MPG Extra Urban
1.9TD: 26MPG Urban, 42MPG Extra Urban