Diesel Emissions Scandal (VW) Diesel v Petrol

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Re: Diesel Emissions Scandal (VW) Diesel v Petrol

Post by CitroJim »

Neil, that's lovely :) Thanks for finding and posting it...

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Re: Diesel Emissions Scandal (VW) Diesel v Petrol

Post by bobins »

GiveMeABreak wrote:Could the recent VW Diesel Emissions scandal re-ignite the Petrol v Diesel debate - what do you think?

1) As a Diesel owner, would you be more likely to consider reverting back to a petrol?
2) Does the extra MPG / KMH you may get justify many of the maintenance costs of the DPF system and all the related issues and problems of those components?

It would be good to get some feedback.
I've had 2 diesel Xants and I've now got my current diesel C5 - at the time I bought my C5 I didn't think twice about any 'complications' that may arise from owning another diesel. My motoring tends to be long-ish distance in relatively short times - I like the fact that I can go from here to York and back on one tank of fuel and still have loads left over, and whenever I do my European trips it's always running a full tank to nearly empty to maximise the run between fill ups. I may only do 10k a year in my car, but 8-9k of that is long runs with only 1-2k being 'shopping runs'. I'm hoping [-o< that this driving style (and annual servicing by me !) will minimise any problems with the DPF etc, but only time will tell on that one. I bought the C5 with the intention of keeping it long term so I'm hoping it will be another 5-10 years before I need to consider another car, I'll have to see what the situation regarding diesels is then !
If I had to go out and buy another car now, I'd probably opt for the same again - a lot of car for the money, but I'd be looking to do as much of my own maintenance as possible in order to keep running costs down. I don't 'fear' owning a PSA diesel at the moment as I know I could get help on this forum if something odd went wrong with the engine. I'm not sure I'd be so confident if I owned a different marque.
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Re: Diesel Emissions Scandal (VW) Diesel v Petrol

Post by myglaren »

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Re: Diesel Emissions Scandal (VW) Diesel v Petrol

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

It looks like VW not only have not learned their lesson, they appear prepared to put lives at risk. If the following article is to be believed VW is using cadmium in some of their plug in hybrid and electric cars!

https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/the ... spartanntp

https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/ca ... us-element
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Re: Diesel Emissions Scandal (VW) Diesel v Petrol

Post by Gibbo2286 »

Surely that's a non story, NiCad batteries can be bought in any shop/supermarket in the world, rechargeable for use in the home.
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Re: Diesel Emissions Scandal (VW) Diesel v Petrol

Post by Bick »

back on topic

im hanging on to my 1.6hdi without dpf for as long as i can then i will see whats out there and my yearly mileage to decide what to get next.
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Re: Diesel Emissions Scandal (VW) Diesel v Petrol

Post by Paul-R »

My thoughts as well. NiCads are more difficult to obtain nowadays having been superseded by NiMH but it's still possible.
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