RT4 Amplifier Compatibility

This unit is the RT4 and RT5 system and is made by Magneti Marelli
Main differences between RT4 & RT5 - RT5 has Bluetooth Hands Free, faster Navigation calculation and on C4 & C4 Picasso only, USB ports and a High-Res screen.

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Re: RT4 Amplifier Compatibility

Post by djloui »

EDC5 wrote: 23 Feb 2018, 22:34
djloui wrote: 23 Feb 2018, 15:01 I bought a RNEG5 and now it's ok
but i don't have SD card for the NAVI.
Any suggestions?

Do you have the Rneg headunit. The one with the SD card reader in the front?

I downloaded the 2018 maps but it doesn't load the NAVI at the RNEG...
The other solution is to buy a SD card with maps in from ebay!
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Re: RT4 Amplifier Compatibility

Post by EDC5 »

Try making a folder called "maps" on the SD card and put everything inside of this folder and try it again. I think I had to have two maps folders before it worked on my RNEG.

Root:\\maps\maps\[navigation maps]

It's worth a try.
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Re: RT4 Amplifier Compatibility

Post by GiveMeABreak »

So you have MyWay then not RT6! That will explain it. I thought you were referring to the eMyWay. Do as Elis says, the content has to be right for it to be recognised.
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