Its British....ooooooh I want :)

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Re: Its British....ooooooh I want :)

Post by Stickyfinger »

Morris Minor Traveller for me :)............I also "learnt" to to a lot more in that.....loved estate cars ever since :)
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Re: Its British....ooooooh I want :)

Post by CitroJim »

I like Estates a lot but have never felt the love for any Morris Minors, travellers or otherwise...

I agree with what Leonard Lord said when he first saw the design...

'Looks like a bloody poached egg'

He was not wrong...

And that horrid farting exhaust...
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Re: Its British....ooooooh I want :)

Post by Zelandeth »

jgra1 wrote:me to ;) I borrowed a red MG for a few months, really enjoyed it! no idea whether it was a mark 1 or 2 but think it was a 1300.. maybe they all were?
Think the MGs were all 1300.

If the switchgear was down by your right knee and the indicators pinged rather than clicked it was a MK I.