PD Engine

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PD Engine

Unread post by wigelywoo »

Is the 1.6 hdi engine (110bhp) one of the engines that require a special oil, or will any 5/40 do.

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Re: PD Engine

Unread post by spider »

I'm not sure on the grade (no doubt someone else will answer shortly) although I'd say semi synth at a minimum, certainly not plain mineral oil.

The biggest concern with these units is the frequency of the changes, they should be done more often than officially recommended. Personally I think 10K, never mind anything higher is stretching oil a bit far especially given a diesel engine is quite prone to sludge formation anyway.

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Re: PD Engine

Unread post by Bick »

the HDI is not a PD engine but it does require fully synthetic oil.

Citroen now recommend 5/30 although you can used 5/40 if you do not have a particulate filter

check for comma recommendations here http://www.commaoil.com/products/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: PD Engine

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I know there is a lot of hype about engine oil, but the oil that I am told to use for this engine is Total INEO ECS C2.

This took me quite a while to find out, but I have since had confirmation from many sources.

Best price is on eBay, I think.


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Re: PD Engine

Unread post by RichardW »

The handbook is pretty vague about the oil spec - you can use a variety of viscosities depending on the temperature. What IS important for the HDi is to use a low ash / SAPs oil to prolong the life of the DPF - and tighten up the injector bolts as referred to in a few threads here.