strange problem

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strange problem

Post by roverman75 »

when the climate control system is active on my synergie i loose coolant, but if i shut the system off i don't . i always thought the 2 systems were completely seperate so they shouldn't effect each other.
any ideas as to what my problem could be???
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Post by wheeler »

Is it definitely coolant ? Or are you seeing water that will naturally accumulate & drain from the system when the A/C operates, It's especially more noticable in hot weather.
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Post by spider »

I'd suggest its water too, we used to get a lot of people come back with their first car with A/C (especially in hot weather) as they thought it was leaking.

A drip drip of water (assuming it is water, and not coolant) is normal as the moisture is taken out of the "conditioned" air and it has to go somewhere, usually a drain pipe fitted underneath.