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I bought some radweld as my radiator is leaking a bit. It says on the bottle to heat up the coolant and pour the radweld into the radiator. Does this mean just pour it into the coolant system where you normally would top it up or does this mean pour it into the radiator itself? If so how do u pour it into the actual radiator on the xantia 1.9td?

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Post by CitroJim »

I've no experience with Radweld but I Know Barrs Leaks works.

If Radweld has little bits in it like Barrs, give the bottle a thorough shake up and warm it. Shake it again and just pour it into the expansion tank whilst the coolant is still warm. Water circulates around the expansion tank and anything added will get into the rad soon enough.

Alternatively, you could partially drain, slip off the top hose and pour it into the rad directly but if you go to this extent, you'd may as well drain completely and refill with the Radweld mixed in with new coolant straight into the expansion tank. Indeed it really is not a good idea to disturb rad hoses if you can avoid it, especially those with bayonet connectors although you might be safer puplling the top hose from the thermostat housing and poiring the Radweld in that way.

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Post by citronut »

i have used K seal which is very good, with engine and K seal cold pull of the top hose from the thermostate houseing, and just pour it straight into the rad, it stoped the leak within two mins of running the engine, it is full of copper partcals, you can even use it with antifreeze, it says on the bottle its a permanant repaire
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Well, it would , wouldn't it?
it says on the bottle its a permanant repaire
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Post by James.UK »

I prefer to use Fortes radseal myself.. In fact I have often put it in old rads that were not leaking as a precation.. It's always worked fine for me..

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Post by Kowalski »

I used Celit on my radiator before I replaced it. The leak temporarily sealed up until it got hot and the pressure got up then it would leak again. One day after I parked the car, I could hear it spraying a jet of water out of the pinhole at the back of one of the headlights, then with the pressure bled off the leak stopped.

When I changed the rad, I noticed it was very heavy compared to the new one. It didn't drain freely and sludgy stuff came out that looked very like the Celit that I put in to fix the leak. I think too much radiator sealant will partially block a radiator...

If your rad is sound but has mechanically caused damage e.g. hit by a stone, radiator sealant will work fairly permanantly. If the rad is badly corroded it might extend its life by a short time but if the radiator needs replacing, it needs replacing.