Just got a ZX TD

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Just got a ZX TD

Post by q_007 » 08 Dec 2004, 20:23

Needs a couple of things to make it perfect though!
Can anyone tell me which bulbs go in the dash, and cente consoles?
Also, where is the siren? I can see the alarm going off (flashing lights) but there is no noise - is there a switch or something that i need to turn?
Finally, is there anywhere i can get a replacement key fob? I have one already, but want another one for the spare key!

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Just got a ZX TD

Post by Kowalski » 08 Dec 2004, 20:29

Some Xantias have a key switch under the bonnet on the passenger side which will silence the alarm.
Early Xantias (my 95 has it) had it, later ones don't (my 97 doesnt).
I just read that it says ZX....

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Just got a ZX TD

Post by oldnail » 08 Dec 2004, 21:12

Mines a '97 ZX TD and to get at the siran you need to remove the nearside sidelight(lift bonnet and you will see a spring holding it in) and the siran is between the inner and outer wing.If you pull the multipin plug off it disables the alarm.

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Just got a ZX TD

Post by rashmore » 08 Dec 2004, 21:18

If alarm like mine theres a round cover at the front, drivers side nr headlight pop off protective cover and there will be a lock barrel underneath - insert ignition key and turn to unsilence alarm

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Just got a ZX TD

Post by Stuart McB » 08 Dec 2004, 22:02

Also try the glove box. Mine had a lock barrel fitted in the top of it. Turn using ignition key to turn on or off.

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Just got a ZX TD

Post by RichardW » 08 Dec 2004, 22:14

Dash bulbs are all the same - the 1.2W push in type. Change them all at once, as you don't want to to it twice. Ignore Haynes advice about the heater bulbs - remove radio, then front plate, then carefully prise the front off the heater control box, knobs and all, and the bulbs can then be changed. Leave the centre console apart whilst you do the instruments as this leaves loads of room to get in to unclip the speedo cable, and avoids all the malarky Haynes outlines with the heater duct. On mine it was just possible to ease the instruments out past the airbag connection with the steering wheel in the lowest position. Only takes a couple of hours.
If it has the separate key fob to activate the central locking, getting another is difficult as it needs to be hard coded to the receiver - it is possible (there are some instructions on here somewhere), but you need a fine soldering iron and drill - and the skill to use it!