Home Made Sphere Removal Tools

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Home Made Sphere Removal Tools

Post by G4EIY »

The picture below shows 2 tools that I have made, they both work, and to date have not failed.
I use rubber ring cut from an old Mini inertube to fit between the sphere and the tool, I find this gives extra grip, and the tools do not rotate when hit with a hammer.
With the small one, I use a socket with an extension attached, and belt the end of the extension with a hammer.
I gave them a lick of paint for the posting.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
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Post by Mosser »

Very nice!!, could be a market for those tools for diy spere changers ?!!

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Post by RaceMouse »

Hi All,
G4EIY is right. Pictures say more than a thousand words. I found the description elsewere on the forum but I can't remember the brains owners name [:(]
If anyone would like to borrow it, just send me a mail [:)]
The threads gets a VERY firm grip on the spheres rendering the tool VERY effective. The total price for me was ca. 2.5 EUR and 20 minutes of fun(ish) work. Really not bad...
The RaceMouse