1.9td suspension

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1.9td suspension

Unread post by lotus-man »

first time here since getting my xantia, well what i have is the suspension will go all the way up or all the way down by using the lever in the car, but it will not go to normal ride height on the rear, although the front does. Any help with this would be a great help/
many thanks

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Unread post by Robin »

Welcome, here will be all the answers you need, I promise!!! For starters, I think the rear height control valve is either stuck or faulty.
Depending on your experience or nerve they can be dismantled and cleaned. There is a link between the body and roll bar that levels the suspension regardless of load. Freeing this off could help. Give it a try. You will certainly get other suggestions too from members of the forum with far greater experience than myself.
Try a search on the forum for height control valves, top right of screen. Good luck, Robin.

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Unread post by NiSk »

Most common fault on Xantia:
Stupid plastic fitting on rear height selection rod breaks and falls off. Many sellers make an improvised solution with bits of bent wire etc. which does give the correct function.


Unread post by Jon »

I have some new plastic links and ballcups in a little kit, I think I've got about 5 or so. Drop me a line and I'll post you one. Offer open to anyone who wants one.