a few questions about Citroen c1 1.2 2017

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a few questions about Citroen c1 1.2 2017

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Hello everyone,

I have a Citroen C1 Flair Edition Puretech 1.2 2017. I got it when it had 33,538 miles and when I did around 8,000 miles it had little oil, and no oil on the dipstick, the oil light also came on in my car whenever I went over an incline or down a decline. I did fill it up with 2 litres and the dipstick was at the full mark, so i am assuming there was a bit of oil left. I have since done 4,000 miles since topping up my oil fully on the dipstick and its gone down around to the halfway mark, is this normal for this car? I haven't done an interm service for this car as I am going for a major service this time next week. I also wanted to know what type of oil this car requires? I recently used 0W30, but I have read this might be the old oil that is recommended. I also forgot to screw the oil cap on fully and there has been oil residue on the engine because of it, but i am unsure whether or not to be concerned about this.

I also had another question about the cambelt for this car. I know there is a year range where the cambelt on this car wasn't the most reliable and was quite horrible apparently, but what years is this? I have a 2017 model and I am hoping that the cambelt (wetbelt) is half decent on this.

I sometimes have the issue when I am acceralting in a gear that the car doesn't seem acceptable it can rattle quite loudly instead of sounding smooth. Is this normal?

I also have the issue with my braking. When i break there can be a sound where it sounds like air is being released. I had this checked at a place and they said there was no issue, but I am still worried.

I am hoping I can get a signifcant amount of years out of this car as its only on 45,000 miles right now. I do use it a lot on the motorways and sometimes city driving as for work I do drive long distances.