C-crosser 2.2 HDI losing power on full load

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C-crosser 2.2 HDI losing power on full load

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From couple weeks, I try fixed the issue which I have with my C-crosser 2.2hdi. Main reason why I bought them is for the towing Caravan. When I driving around the town and even out is everything alright. The problem is come when I tow Caravan and I need full power.
When I’m come to uphill and accelerate with the ref over 3000 rpm the engine is feel like Have not enough fuel. Engine start shaking and losing power. I need to press the clutch and let engine go down to idle for a few seconds then I can come back to clump Hill but I need keeping high gear and rev under 3000 to continue driving. I can make this fault happen without Caravan when I give full acceleration.
The symptoms is pointing for fuel delivery problem and that’s what I focus on from couple weeks. On the engine, ECU I have no fault.
Obviously first, what I done is I replaced fuel filter then I start reading and this engine have low pressure fuel pump in the tank. I replaced this pump as well for brand-new Pierburg us genuine was Pierburg as well. After that, I start reading about this fuel system diagnostic and I get some information from Citroen. On Citroen diagnostics is sad. The low pressure fuel before fuel filter should be 0.1bar on idle. If pressure is higher than that, that mean the fuel filter is blocked. I checked this pressure and is 0.1bar before and after fuel filter on idle and going down to 0.05bar on high rev.
Today she’s coming back from Remap. They remove EGR valve and make stage one remap and problem with losing power still is there.

Sorry, English is not my first language. Apologise everyone for my mistakes.
Any ideas what could be else?