1980 CX Pallas 2500D rehab project!

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1980 CX Pallas 2500D rehab project!

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Hello all! I am now a member of the club, picked up a series 1 CX Pallas this weekend! She’s in need of a LOT of love, for starters - a heavy detail inside since the sunroof and rear window seal have been leaking for many years. Working on that. Ordered up an oil filter + will need to order an oil cap since the one on the car is not original and doesn't seal. Going to change the oil with 10w40 or 15w40 rotella, then drain the tank since the car has been sitting for 25 years or so. If the car doesn't start still i'll likely look into getting the injectors cleaned/rebuilt as well as possibly the pump if that doesn't do the trick. Any advice on how to clean them or if I should just take them to a diesel shop who does stuff like that? Thanks in advance :)