What scanner for locks security?

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What scanner for locks security?

Post by deepfat »

Quick bit of background, I previously owned a C3 and had problems with the sidelights/auto lights not working and looking on line decided it was probably the ??board playing up but I could not check codes etc as my little scanner only covers the engine. Now I'm the proud owner of a C3 Picasso and the central locking has decided to play up, it wont lock the drivers door (RHD) and appears to lock other doors on a whim. I've looked on the forum and Lexia/Diagbox seems the way to go but a] Im a poor pensioner b] I have a penchant for pressing buttons I really should not. I really for now just need a scanner that will read all or the majority of the various systems on the Picasso and allow me to clear them and hopefully find the problem, I understand it's not as simple as that but I must start somewhere. Most scanner ads proudly boast they can read any code on any car, I'm looking for someone to say I have a ??? and it interfaces with my Citroen and my mates every time.
PS The old C3 cured itself one day (French electrics!!) if only I could remember which pot hole did it.