Should I change my battery?

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Should I change my battery?

Post by ragingraven »

Good evening dear forumists!

I was messing around in Diagbox the other day and looked at the ECU Electrical information page.
There, under "Battery current", I noticed that when the ignition was on and the engine off, it had a negative value next to it.

When the ignition is on and the engine on, the battery current is of a positive value.

Should I be worried? Should I change my battery?
I don't know the age of the battery, but I suppose it could have been changed before me, because the bracket holding the ECU that's on top of the battery was broken.
If it hadn't changed before me, then it would be 7 years old now. If it was, then it should be 2 years old, because that's how long I have owned it.

Also question: If I do decide to change it, does it need programming to the ECU like other car brands do? Is that doable with a clone interface?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Should I change my battery?

Post by wheeler »

When the engine is off & there is any load there will be current leaving the battery (negative value) but when the engine is running the battery will be receiving current from the alternator so current is going back into the batter so would be a positive value.
Sounds like its working ok to me.
Thats not to say there is not an issue with your battery but Diagbox cant accurately tell you if there is anything wrong with the battery. Needs a proper load test.