Window won't stay up

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Window won't stay up

Post by DS3crossback »

Hi all,
Somebody knows how to fix the issue?
when we try to close the window and when goes all the way up, window goes down half way down. Look the same when we put something to block...
The model is start/stop...
I heard that we need to take out the automatic way first ( go up or down with one touch) and restart after.
Any advice how to fix it on a DS3 crossback.
Thank you in advance.
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Re: Window won't stay up

Post by moizeau »

Anti-pinch is cutting it. Firstly clean the window rubber insides where the glass touches, dry then apply silicon spray. Take the window to the top on the button, holding the button down. Once at the top, release the button then repress the button for 5 seconds to ensure it's position is correctly learnt.
Notice the BX is still top the list but sadly gone