DS3 E-Tense speed sign fault

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DS3 E-Tense speed sign fault

Post by Rstubby »

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help me, I've been to my local authorised repairer and they can't seem to figure it out lol. I have DS3 E-Tense opera 72 plate and although the speed recognition picks up speed signs it doesn't know the national speed limit (just shows the sign) and then dash marks, but if it doesn't see a sign all I get is dash marks. I thought the satnav was supposed to show speed signs when the camera doesn't see any? All my other cars I've had (German) have never had a issue and this is really bugging me. ACC doesn't work to it's full potential if the speed sign system doesn't work. Need help pls lol
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Re: DS3 E-Tense speed sign fault

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The other issue is that the Tom Tom maps (who provide PSA with their mapping data) are still way behind on speed limits. Here in Wales, they've only just round to putting the 20 MPH limits on the maps - and that's still not all of them - which they'll have to change again when they undo all this madness at the end of the year!

I don't bother with the build-in nav now, and use Sygic maps via Apple CarPlay that had the 20 MPH limits sorted with a few weeks.
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