Help needed! P0100 & P2566

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Help needed! P0100 & P2566

Post by Valhalla29 »

Got a bit of a drama just now, just had the EGR valve replaced last week and now my cars giving P0100 and P2566 codes on heavy acceleration.

Could this be linked to the EGR possibly vacuum pipes or something similar not fitted right or is this a different issue?

The car is a 2015 DS5 2.0hdi

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Re: Help needed! P0100 & P2566

Post by RichardW »

Circuit codes for MAF and boost solenoid, where did the EGR come from? It could be faulty and pulling down the 5V reference, or it could be an unrelated wiring fault, or the MAF or Boost solenoid going doo lally, or....🤔
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