2001 Xsara Pikasso Exclusive 2.0 Manual - Bad News

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2001 Xsara Pikasso Exclusive 2.0 Manual - Bad News

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So my Grandpa passed away and its been 2 weeks now...

He left me a car and its a Pikasso! But im having several problems with him (its my first experience with a french car), i took courage and im driving it for about 3 days now. The car have a strange whine noise when in low rotation, its kinda strange but it sounds like a supercharger in a way? I tried to find some about it but didnt fiind nothing at all. When Stoping, in transit for example, feels like it will "turn off the engine" but its rarely to happen. Sometimes struggles when i try to accelerate too much, feels like im kicking the pedal. The first gear (only with the first gear) rarely when i will leave my house and im in the hill, it just "take the gear out" when i accelerate and go to neutral. Thats This was the problems ive noticed in this 3 days, anyone have some clue of what can it be? Sorry for my bad english...

Engine: EW10J4
GearBox: BE4/5 Manual.
206.000KM in Odomoter

Thx for all the help.