My C5 X7 and the intermediate bearing

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My C5 X7 and the intermediate bearing

Post by HelioMV »

Dissasembly of the C5 to change the clutch was progressing well, everything that needs to be is now loosened/apart and it's only taken me last week's after work evenings! That is apart from the intermediate bearing and the removal of the O/S driveshaft, whos bearing (and possibly shaft into the box) is seized SOLID, and I mean it.

It has been hammered out of place for ages, I have used an SDS drill which has only made craters in the inner race and no progress, and heat works no wonders. It has soaked in WD and all sorts, and I even contorted myself to undo the 4 bolts of the reaction link/bearing housing which I have levered off the pins and now won't go back in, in attempt to get the shaft out while still attached to the housing In short, No. It won't move and let's face it, by prying that out of place I have probably bent the shaft a little, so I am going to stop before I bend it more as well as damage that piece too.

The outer part is out and the CV joint, so I might try that thing where you use vice grips and the old joint as a slide hammer, but any other suggestions are appreciated! I guess I am buying a new shaft or trying to go to the scrappie (am sad as that's the original shaft and this will mean more expense for my project car) but what other choice do I have but to angle grind through it and drop the box and replace the driveshaft when it all goes back together. Anyone any clue how else I'm gonna remove it?

I guess I should have seen this coming, apart from a few drill-outs, things have been going a little too well on this job!

As always, thanks everyone!
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Re: My C5 X7 and the intermediate bearing

Post by kantica »

You did remove locking plate located at intermediate shaft bearing ?