Jumper/Relay II DSP problem

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Jumper/Relay II DSP problem

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I have read for a while and have finally registered because I now have a problem I need help with. I have a Jumper II/Relay from 2012, Euro 5, no additives which I bought used. I assume it has a Puma engine, not the one with the problems but the later one, no comfirmation though.

It went into limp mode last year in the French mountains with a DSP fault. I was towed to a local garage where all attempts to initiate a manual regeneration both on site and while driving failed. The DSP was consequently replaced. I have not used the car much in the winter and have now re-tried to do the trip I was forced to abort last year. At nearly the same location, the nightmare started again. I was able to avoid limp mode this time and just kept driving until the light went off which sometimes took up to an hour and a half. I had one day where the regen error light actually came on 3(!) times. I just returned home and needless to say, I need to get this fixed.

I have Diagbox and cable but have not really been able to do much with it. Strangely enough, the car is recognized as a "Jumper 3 Euro5/Euro 6" only whereas the papers say something different and there was no version 3 in 2012 as far as I know. I have an appointment at a local garage next week to get a proper "official" readout hoping to sort this issue.

Still, the error messages seem to make sense and I think have been able to locate the problem. It is coming up with a P0423 92 error. Pump plug coil is activated during regen but the dosing pump is not. It looks that without the vaporizer, the car is doing passive regen only which seems not enough in some situations. DPF temps of less than 500 degree celsius during regen seem to confirm that. Soot weight of the new filter is 3gr and the pressure sensor seems fine.

With the help of this forum, I was able to locate the vaporiser that is listed as not working. It is in a different place than in the later models which explains why I did not discover it when searching for it before. I already had a garage tell me there is none on this model at all. Yeah, very likely! ](*,) I have found a how-to for the exchange here too, thanks for that!

Can somebody confirm that my conclusions are solid and this is the way to go? Or should I check other things first to be on the safe side? I am not a mechanic and new to this, so any input would be much appreciated.