2018 c4 Spacetourer - 1.6 Blue HDI C1 or C2?

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2018 c4 Spacetourer - 1.6 Blue HDI C1 or C2?

Post by CitROeNALD »

My c4 grand space tourer has been serviced by a Citroen main dealer for 5 years now.

Cheekily after the 3rd year, (so for the last two services) I only just realised they switched to using PSA spec Millers oil.

Specifically Millers XF premium - 0w30 c2 - PSA B71-2312

What do people think about that?

From what I understand, Millers is still well regarded, but I am considering specifically asking to go back to Total.

Should I? From what I understand it would be the following spec:

Total Quartz Ineo First 0w-30 Advanced - PSA B71-2312

My question regarding this is: Do PSA specify the C1 or C2 version of this oil?

The service manual is useless and does not even have an oil reference page any more.

I'm getting conflicting information online about which is actually specified.

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Re: 2018 c4 Spacetourer - 1.6 Blue HDI C1 or C2?

Post by RichardW »

Post up the VIN (it will hide itself) and we can check.
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Re: 2018 c4 Spacetourer - 1.6 Blue HDI C1 or C2?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It's the specification that is key here and further, there are different servicing prices - using genuine Citroen parts and Citroen approved parts - whether this includes the oil is another matter, but it will still be to the correct specifications in force at the time (as they do change these). Once we have the VIN we will be ale to provide the correct specification and grade.
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