Citroen c3 won’t start

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Citroen c3 won’t start

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Hey all, my partner has a Citroen c3 2007. She was driving a few months ago and the car from stationary at the lights barely began to move off with the accelerator fully down, she then turned the car off and it wouldn’t start again. We’ve recently brought a scan tool and have these issues come up. Could anyone please shed some light into what potentially is going wrong? Just recently we tried another coil pack but the car still wouldn’t start. Originally thought it was spark but now questioning if it’s actually fuel related. I’d much appreciate anyone’s information that could possibly shed some light into us being able to get the car fixed again
P0313- misfire detect during a low fuel level
P1693- controlled engine stop start (damp)
P0463- low fuel level (misfire) short to earth
Also has a miss fire code for each cylinder